Price Wellness House

About Us

Recently, it dawned on the me that should something happen to me, the school would close since I'm the school's sole source of funding.

And that is how Price Wellness House (PWH) was born. In the fall of 2015, the idea of financial sustainability put me in the direction of assembling a team to create a center that would provide health and wellness education as well as medical care for local women with AIDS/HIV. The business model is to market services that would cover Price Wellness House's and St. Micheal's operation costs. Making St. Micheal's school the beneficiary of PWH's success. Your contribution funds St. Micheals school indefinitely, no more annual funding drives! 

Making A Difference


Hi, I'm Tracey Price. I live British Columbia and have a love for children (who doesn't right?!) Particularly and not exclusive, the 3 to 5 years old's that attend my school in Entebbe, Uganda. 

​"How does a woman from BC open a school in Uganda" you're probably thinking.. Well, I also love to run marathons.. health and wellness are passions of mine. I was in South Africa for race several years ago and after the race I traveled a bit. When I was visiting Entebbe, I noticed that many of the young children where just hanging around when what in my mind should have been a school day. I quickly found out that there were few schools they could attend and cost was another barrier. Immediately I set out to open a school. 

​Today, over a hundred 3 to 5 year old's attend St. Micheal's school each year. We are proud of our achievement and want to build upon that success. 


Last fall and winter, celebrity designer Emmanuel Belliveau from Toronto, headed up the task of designing the center. Together with Amon (architect in Uganda), they finalized the drawings, applied for building permits and began construction earlier this year.

I took the team to the Uganda this past November to check in on the progress. Emmanuel verified all the plans and got to meet Amon for the first time in person. Amon, is a huge asset to this team, as through him we were able to hire 14 locals to build the structure. It was very important for us to hire locals as they should benefit as much as possible from PWH presence. I'm happy to report the structure is coming along beautifully and I am so excited about what this means for many locals.


With 8 guests rooms, learning center, kitchen, fitness center, roof top deck for sunrise and sunset yoga and outdoor pool we plan to host retreats; Yoga, mindfulness, safari, nutrition, NGO's, Corporate etc..

The medical clinic will be run 4 days a week by a private doctor and then 3 days a week as a free community clinic. The host and their guests will be invited to do some community interaction through special classes held at the center for locals to participate in as well as going to the school to interact with the children. Our large kitchen will give guests the opportunity to cook lunch for the kids too should they wish. Our learning centre will offer vocational courses for local women to enter the work force or possibly start their own business. We feel there is so much potential with this center that the current ideas we have are just touching the surface of what is actually possible once the center is complete by your funding.

Your contributions will help not only locals, but those around the world seeking a way to contribute in a positive and uplifting way. We can't solve all the problems of the world all of the time, but we can be a positive influence most of the time. 

Who's Behind This Project

Tracey Price - lives in Vancouver, BC Canada. She's an entrepreneur, multiple franchise owner, founder of St. Michael's School and Price Wellness House.

Tracey has been an entrepreneur as long as she can remember starting as a retailer for Imperial Oil in her twenties and becoming a franchisee of 3 Tim Horton's restaurants which she is still actively involved in, this past year she celebrated her twenty year partnership and looks forward to her continued success with Tim Horton's. 

Tracey is a compassionate supporter of empowering others through education, health and wellness, her journey took her to Uganda where she found a huge need for education , in 2010 she founded and built St. Michael's school.

Tracey started running 18 years ago, she has competed in many race distances from 5 km to the Comrades 89 km Ultra Marathon and looks forward to many more races.

Tracey is very happy to call Uganda her second home and in 2013 she purchased a plot of land in Entebbe not knowing exactly what she would do with it,in 2015 a vision came to her to build a health and wellness center so she could give back to the community and a guest house for travelers to enjoy the beauty of Uganda 

To me, entrepreneurship = independence... so being able to offer services like wellness education or hospitality training that will empower the women and give them a sense of independence is important to me. 

- Tracey Price, Founder of PWC 

​Emmanuel Belliveau - lives in Toronto, ON Canada. He's a creative director at his own design business, former TV Host of several international home design shows including World's Greenest Homes seen on HGTV and presently on Save Our Shelter on the CW. Emmanuel is Creative director and part owner at Marko Taylor, a handbag company based in Kenya. 

Born in the East Coast of Canada, Emmanuel' s Filipino and French Canadian roots have given him a dual perspective that he says "can sometimes look like I'm riding the fence on issues, however it allows me to see three sides to many stories. It's created room for compassion and acceptance for many of life's differences". This project is important to him as his own mother is his inspiration. Her journey to immigrate to Canada was solely to offer a future generation options that she did not have. This project could do that. 

"The success of this project is not the completion of the physical building, its the progress that is occurs from the communities involvement with the centre, we see this as a hand-up, not a hand out" 

- Emmanuel Belliveau, Creative Director of PWH