Price Wellness House

INTERIORS ($70,000 approx)

Wall plastering, plumbing and fixtures, electrical and lighting fixtures, kitchen cabinets, bathroom vanities, wall and floor tiles, paint etc. and labor.

Phase 4

The shell of the building is up and now its time to finish the interiors and then finalize all the furnishings and decor as well as equipment and landscaping . During all this, we will create our day to day operations plan, seeking out bold peacocks with tribes who want to enjoy PWH. AND, before thoughts can become things, we need your help!

Phase 2
Phase 3
Our Work
Making A Difference


Bedroom furniture, class room furniture, computers for learning center, medical equipment for clinic, commercial kitchen appliances, washer and dryer, dinning and living room furniture, outdoor furniture, etc

EXTERIOR ($40,000 approx)

Landscaping, pool, security gate, fence, security system and labor.