Risks & Challenges

Put a Name on it.

Align yourself with this project in a unique way! Many companies put their name behind projects as there is a core value that is in keeping with their brand or thinking. As an individual, the opportunity rarely comes up, so we'd love to offer this as an option.

Guest Room Dedication $3000

Get aligned with PWH with this perk. Guest room door and map will have your name on it, a card inside the room tells the guest of your support. And, that's not all, you get 1 week of accommodations for 2, airport pick up and drop off, breakfast each day and access to amenities. And..book future stays for 50% of reg day rate. Trip is transferable as gift. 

If you are interested in the Medical Clinic, Fitness Center, Learning Center and Kitchen, please email us directly at pricewellnesshouse@gmail.com

7 Days Accommodations/Food/Queen Elizabeth Park Safari $1900

7 glorious days in the Pearl of Africa for 2. Stay at PWH, Airport Pick Up and Drop Off, Breakfast and Dinner, 1 massage by the pool, 2 Day Trip to Queen Elizabeth Park to see Lions, Elephants, Rhino etc. Access to all PWH amenities. Transferable as gift. All of this for $1900 

3 Day Getaway $350

3 relaxing days at PWH for 2. Airport Pick Up and Drop off, Breakfast and Dinner, Access to all amenities and a massage by the pool. Transferable as a gift. I feel relaxed writing this. This perk is just $350

Fitness Center Passes $150

We are offering one year passes for $150 to the fitness center that can be transferred to a local as we realize that not all of your will be able to come to Uganda! Our goal is to create a list of potential donor recipients so locals can directly feel your contribution.

Gift Certificates for learning $50

We are offering gift certificates for learning for $50. Through the center we plan to offer many different types of classes through the various experts we will have at the center. These gift certificates will provide access for a local to enjoy.

Making A Difference
We have a unique set of perks available. We felt it was best to offer you something where you could really put your name on this project, have an opportunity to enjoy the center yourself and make it possible for someone locally to benefit from your contribution in a personal way.
Your money is going to build the physical building, it pays for materials, equipment and labour. Any extra money that is collected beyond our goal will be set aside to purchase the property next door as we have another goal of adding more guest rooms and meeting rooms. Guests rooms in Entebbe are hard to come by, so we know we can generate extra revenue for PWH by renting to groups like the UN and NGO personel. Long term, we'd like to duplicate this model in other cities/countries. 

Our goal is to have an opening ceremony in Sept of 2017. Construction is moving well, however as with any international project there have been a few minor delays with equipment availability. Common building materials like wood are hard to come by and are as much as 3 times more expensive, so we are doing primarily concrete and brick construction. All of this work, including digging the concrete piers and foundation wall, is done by hand. Most equipment and finishing materials come in from Europe or the middle East, so cost are not surprisingly higher here. 

We have great confidence in our team in Entebbe. Our contractor has great leadership and transparency. When possible, they have always presented multiple quotes for ongoing tenders and point out unnecessary cost by third party contractors. Corruption is very high in Uganda, yet with the local team we have in place, we've managed to avoid any major pitfalls.

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Price Wellness House


Gift of Support $25

You get our gratitude and the knowledge that you are helping make a difference for local women and children AND are keeping St. Micheal's school funded. We will also put you on our list to receive a 50% discount on future room bookings. 

Once PWH is up and running, I want to assure you that all profits will stay in Uganda to support the locals, to provide more programs, build better futures... I don't need the money, I just want them (the school) to be sustainable! - Tracey Price.